Welcome to my website.  My name is Bobbi Jo.  I’m a country girl, a mother, an animal lover and a photographer. I blend all these pastimes together in the heart of Southern Indiana.

I fell in love with horses when I was a little girl on a Saddlebred farm in Missouri.  I would head west to my Aunt & Uncle’s farm every chance I could on any school break - spring, summer, fall, & winter. There I would ride, watch the trainers work horses, & received the best hands on experience taking care of the horses on a daily basis.  It fascinated me to learn about the business.  What I wouldn’t give to go back & relive some of those amazing moments!

I bought my first professional camera in 2011 so that I could document our family’s milestones.  It was then that I thought how great and rewarding it would be to package together my two passions, horses and photography!  I started out on my journey by mastering my new camera and searching out techniques from print and online sources.  I then enrolled in The Photography Institute, an online photography program, and received my diploma in 2014. 

I have honed my skills in the equine specialty through visits to my family’s Missouri farm, and by attending many equine workshops.  Through these experiences, I have been able to develop knowledge of the standards that each breed is held to within their own industry, and have become experienced capturing their most desirable characteristics on camera.

In this journey, I have been able to find my own unique artistic style.  I prefer natural lighting, natural scenery, and natural postures. I attempt to cultivate the true-to-form character of these natural beauties and capture it in the moment.

I’m in awe of these magnificent creatures, and I strive to persuade others to feel the same through my photography.  The saying goes that if you do what you love, you will love what you do, and it will show in your success. That is so true, and I can’t wait to see what successes the future will bring.